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Who are we?

Over a decade of Experience in making people's lives easier.


Since our inception, our management team at Queensman has become well established in Oxford, UK and Dubai, UAE with partnership across a number of locations.
In managing our own businesses, our team offers consultation in operations with a focus on growth of local and new businesses.

In 2017, we came together to be able to support property investors and home-owners alike in selection of homes in the UK and UAE, with respective focus in Oxford and Dubai. Since then we’ve grown to introduce our flagship home warranty service in Dubai (SpadesHome), followed by our global architecture & build team (DesignbyQM). The build teams specialise in home renovations and home gardens & pools services.

We have further added Istanbul to our locations. Let’s see where next!

Underpinning our growth has been the success of our management consultancy.


Reshaping your home experience

Our teams across our locations have become well established in interior and exterior renovations of homes and offices. A high percentage of our business is from referrals from one client to another illustrating the degree of confidence our teams have gained, on our principles of Trust, Integrity and Expertise

Our flagship product in UAE … Introduced to provide a ‘peace of mind’ in property maintenance with a warranty that assures the diagnosis, workmanship and service quality. A holistic approach with a focus on preventative care rather than reactionary, at a fixed annual price. Download our brochure and take a look at our Expl[AI]nator to understand the ins and outs of property maintenance.

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