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Our flagship product in the UAE … Introduced to provide a ‘peace of mind’ in property maintenance with a warranty that assures the diagnosis, workmanship and service quality. A holistic approach with a focus on preventative care rather than reactionary, at a fixed annual price. An alternative to the traditional annual maintenance contract in Dubai and the UAE.

This all started with ourselves as home owners and residents facing greater difficulty year on year in receiving fair priced reliable maintenance services, particularly as overseas landlords. We surveyed the market in Dubai and addressed the feedback from landlords and residents alike to be able to create a different approach to the tiered annual maintenance contract services.

The feedback was that the services provision was very limited in assurance of good quality preventative care of home systems, and ‘largely reactive if (when) things were to go wrong’.

We provide what we believe is a holistic approach to maintaining a property. A peace of mind that things are covered like the post-handover warranty we have come to expect in Dubai on receiving a new property for the first year. The key to our success has been mindful inventory and preventative care.

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