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Property investments by Queensman

Your first step towards a better future.

We act as consultants where we have a local presence to help guide, source and oversee the process of buying property for international investors. Our local presence, knowledge and often relationship with local real estate agents position us well to be able to offer invaluable neutral advice in buying the right property.

Invest in the UK, Turkey and the UAE

Choosing the right property in the right location is a great responsibility, and we help our clients by suggesting the best options for them which will yield maximum profits. Armed with professionals who have a high degree of local knowledge, we recommend only the most exceptional buying opportunities. We have close links with local real estate agents and developers allowing us to identify suitable properties long before they reach the open market.

Often our customers are overseas residents who do not have the time or opportunity to pick out the best property for themselves. We help such clients in property acquisition with absolute integrity and trust.

Certain steps are followed before the property is let out, and everything is done in a structured fashion to receive the maximum profit returns.

  • Investor consultation to determine the client’s requirements and budget
  • Property find and purchase
  • Design, refurbishment, and furnishing of the property
  • Property management and lettings

Our process

Investor consultation

Initial discussion to ascertain the client’s requirements, budget and reason for investing.

Property Find and Purchase

Appraising and pinpointing the best possible opportunities available and making clear recommendations, including advice on how best to prepare the property for its intended use.

Design, Refurbishment Furnishing

Advising on and project managing the preparation of the property for its intended use. We offer a full project management service down to fittings and furnishings selection.


The UAE and with focus in Dubai, has become a second home for Queensman, with many of our stakeholders all having lived and worked through the region and in particularly in Dubai. Our connection between the UK and UAE reflects the ties between the two countries and the way people frequent between them. The natural second location was Dubai, and we have supported many clients find the right investment.


Turkey is our third location, moving with our clients and referrals, specializing in Istanbul. The property investment market has been driven by that very special attraction of culture, history and tradition that Turkey has to offer. Visited by millions of residents from both the UK and UAE, we have partnered in Istanbul to offer investment advice on the right property. Istanbul has seen high property appreciation over the last decade, with the investor citizenship program adding further momentum.

United Kingdom

The UK has long been an attractive mature property market, with a number of cities seeing encouraged growth of industry and property developments offering new homes across the budget range. Post the pandemic, with the nature of the workplace having changed and work from home practise becoming more common, we have seen a positive demand for properties out of the city and home renovations.

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